STATS 306 || Winter 2022

Introduction to Statistical Computing (using the R programming language)

STATS 306 || Winter 2022

GSI & Lab Information

  • GSI: Benjamin Osafo Agyare ( please include STATS 306 in the subject line if you need to email me.
  • Lab day/time/location: Mondays, 4 - 5:30 pm || B760 EH (In-Person)
  • Office hours day/time/location: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:30 am - 1pm || Virtual (Zoom link)

  • Slack: The slack workspace for the lab is at (requires UM login). Please feel free to ask any question related to the lab on the lab002 channel for faster response, as this is our little sub-community.
  • Colab: All lab notebooks can be accessed in Google Colab by clicking here: Open In Colab
  • Official course page:
  • Textbook:

Other Resources:

[Special thanks to all resources used for the labs, including packages, some content from DataCamp and datasets, materials from past GSIs as well as all other uncitable resources]

Date                                          LabResourcesSolution
January 10Lab 1: Introduction and Data Visualization 1Download Lab 1 Solution
January 17Lab 2: Data Visualization 2 (Aesthetics, Facets, Geometric Objects)Download Lab 2 Solution
January 24Lab 3: Data Visualization 3 (Statistical Transformations, Position Adjustments, Coordinates) & Data Transformation 1Download Lab 3 Solution
January 31Lab 4: Data Transformation 2Download Lab 4 Solution
February 07Lab 5: Exploratory data Analysis (EDA)Download Lab 5 Solution
February 14Lab 6: Tibbles and Data ImportationDownload Lab 6 Solution
February 21                                                                                  MIDTERM NO CLASS
March 14Lab 7: Tidy DataDownload Lab 7 Solution
March 21Lab 8: Strings & Regular ExpressionsDownload Lab 8 Solution
March 28Lab 9: FunctionsDownload Lab 9 Solution
April 04Lab 10: Vectors and IterationsDownload Lab 10 Solution
April 11Lab 11: The Map Family and Simple Linear Models